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Membership Questions

Are spouses/significant others considered part of the membership?

Yes, Copa Club considers the spouse or significant other (as listed in their member documentation) to be a full and equitable member with the same rights and privileges provided to the primary name on the account.

Does the primary member need to be present for the spouse to enter?

No. If included on the membership documentation, either spouse (or significant other) is welcome to visit at their leisure with or without the presence of their significant other, and both share the same status and house account for all purchases and amenities.

What is the minimum age to enter?

Members and guests must be a minimum of 21 years old, without exception. Persons under the age of 21 years will not be permitted into the Club under any circumstance.

Are adult children (21+) of members allowed in the Club?

Children 21 years or older are permitted only when accompanied by their parent member. As guests, members are responsible for their guests’ behavior.

For members who sign up prior to opening, when do memberships renewals and dues begin?

For members who sign up prior to opening, membership renewal dates will be two (2) weeks after the Copa Club’s opening day. That date will be determined by the date of initial operations.

What is the policy on membership cancellations?

Membership can be canceled at any time. The remaining time on an annual membership can be transferred to a new member account, pending Club approval. If a former member elects to reinstate their membership, initial year one initiation fees and dues will be owed upon rejoining.

If I elect to cancel my membership, will I receive a refund?

Initiation fees and dues previously paid are nonrefundable. However, for members who sign up prior to Copa Club’s opening, initiation fees may be partially refundable, prorated up to half of the initial amount.

How do membership transfers work?

To convey a membership, the recipient must first complete the membership process and be approved prior to transfer. Any outstanding tabs or private event costs must be paid in full prior to transfer of membership.

Guest Rules

Are non-members allowed inside the Club?

Non-members are allowed in only as first-time visitors who are interested in membership, or as the guests of a current member. All visitors’ and guests’ information is recorded upon entry, and guests are required to stay within the general vicinity of the member of which they have been granted entry into the Club. After six total visits, all guests are required to become a member before making any further visits.

What are the rules for guest access in the Club?

Guests are welcome, so long as accompanied by an active member. Guests are permitted to access general Club areas where their host Member is present, provided their host member is in close proximity to their guests. Members are responsible for the whereabouts, actions, and behavior of their guests, and guests are only permitted access to areas presently occupied by their host member, including reserved private rooms. All guests must check in with the host and/ or concierge. Upon a sixth visit, guests will be asked to join as members to continue to enjoy access to the Club.

Can guests reserve private tables or rooms?

No. Guests cannot reserve tables or rooms, and are required at all times to be in the general vicinity of their hosting member. Guests can also only participate in table games where their host member is present.

Who is responsible for payments of goods and services rendered by a guest?

It is the responsibility of the hosting member and their guests to ensure any outstanding payments are made in full prior to departure. Guests under the tab of a member benefit from any discounts provided to the paying member. Payments made by non-members do not benefit from any discounts provided to members.

How many guests are members allowed to bring in at any one time?

Legacy members are allowed to bring up to four guests at a time, and Owner’s Circle members are allowed six guests at one time. The Club reserves the right for Management to act on their discretion to limit the number of guests, particularly in private areas, to ensure a pleasurable experience for all, and in keeping with fire and safety codes.

How many guests in private events?

Exclusive to private events, members are able to bring in additional guests to private in-room events, during the hours indicated on the event agreement. The number of guests cannot exceed the number in the agreement or the room’s capacity. Guests are limited to the event room, and are the sole responsibility of the hosting member. At an event’s conclusion, additional guests beyond the member’s standard allotment are required to depart from all Club areas. Experience for all, and in keeping with fire


How do room reservations work?

Full members will have the ability to reserve private rooms, depending on availability. Reservations will be handled through our Private Events department. During phase I, the availability of these rooms will likely be limited due to demand and the limited number of rooms available at any given time, especially during peak hours. Members can book private rooms without deposit, though F&B minimums are typically required.

How does priority booking with the Copa Club’s sister concepts work?

The Copa Club’s Ownership group is opening two additional spaces within the same Westlake Entrada development; the upscale Latin-inspired restaurant, Hugo’s Invitados, and the private events space, Waterstone Hall. All full members will be able to make private dining and event reservations with these concepts up to a year in advance.

General Questions

Are pets allowed at the Club?

No, animals are not allowed on Club premises. This includes all patio spaces. For the safety, welfare, and health of all guests and staff, no animals are not allowed on any Club grounds except as required by law.

Is smoking allowed at the Club?

The Club will have a designated patio smoking area for guests to enjoy. Smoking is not allowed indoors, for the courtesy of fellow guests and as required by law.

Are Corporate Memberships allowed?

Owner’s Circle memberships can be considered corporate memberships, and in fact are designed to operate as so, providing the exclusive amenity to add two additional authorized user to the Owner's Circle account, as well as the option to purchase naming rights for select private rooms.

When will Phase II begin, and what will be included?

Phase II will begin in earnest once the Club has opened and all teams are fully in place. While final plans are still in the works, we can confidently share that this expansion will offer additional private rooms, dining and patio seating, and more. We expect to open Phase II with relative expediency, and we are very excited by the additional features and amenities the expansion will offer to our members.